Monday, December 10, 2012

Thank you- State Electric & El Haijj

I have to make this a quick post because I have a lil' woman wanting my attention. We had a wonderful time today at State Electric Supply in Huntington,WV.  El Haijj professionals were on site giving massages, manicures, and  information. The ladies with El Haijj are very sweet, and I had a nice time talking with them. I was selling Team Nick shirts, and didn't get time to get a massage. Mary Beth one of the massage therapist, gave me her card and I am excited to schedule mine!

The ladies from El Haijj donate their time and skills to alot fundraisers. I was listening to them and learned that not only do they work at El Haijj, but are very active in the community. They go to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc. to provide their services.
State Electric hosted the event at their corporate headquarters in Huntington, WV. An amazing lady, named Joceln Knapp, who works in Marketing for State Electric contacted me. She knows Nick from work, and felt a calling to help his family. She put this event together and it was great!

Usually these days we see more selfish people than giving, but today...each and everyone came together out of care and love. It was such a warm, family-like atmosphere. Nick's co-workers came and said hello, and participated in the services of El Haijj . Everyone asked about Nick's progress and when they could visit him. Employees told me how they meet in the mornings and pray for Nick and his family.

Nick's accident has meaning and we have embraced that aspect. We have learned alot from Nick because of his accident; 

  • You are not guaranteed tomorrow---make sure your heart is right with the Lord

  • There are still caring people in this world

  • Family is extremely important

  • Prayer does work             

Like most people, we get, kids, ect..and we grow distant from our extended families. I remember Nick mostly from our childhood and going to church together..No matter what we are family and I love Nick.  Although, the years have flown by...I know without a doubt, that if I was in his shoes...he would do what he could to help me.  


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