Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Join us in prayer


Please Join Us in Prayer for the family.

We pray for Nick each and every day. Please also keep the
family in your prayers. Although, they wouldn't have it any
other way, this is still hard on them in many ways. Finacial
obligations, gas for the travel, eating while away from their
homes, being away from other family members, etc.

They travel back and forth from their homes to the rehab facility
in Lexington, KY. Several family members must work, but do visit and give support. If not at the bedside, family and friends are working to raise funds to help the family. Benefits, spaghetti dinners, selling T-shirts, collecting donations, etc.

The Hall family members have been very dedicated to Nick. They show love, devotion, and strength.They pray for healing and have faith in the Lord. Although, this is a tragedy, we know
God has a plan for Nick and his family. It has been a  roller coaster of emotions with good and not
so good days. Those of us that are not in Lexington await updates each day, while sending many prayers up.

I am so very proud to call them my family and I ask you to please keep Nick's family in your

I cannot ask for prayers, without asking if there are any that are reading this..and haven't given
their life to God. If you are not saved, and want to ask the Lord to come into your life---
I ask you to seek the Lord. If you do not know how to start...I have posted a prayer below.
You can use this sinners prayer to begin your walk with the Lord.

Thank You,

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