Monday, November 26, 2012


This blog is dedicated to my cousin, Nick Hall.  Nick Hall was involved in a motorcycle wreck approx 2 months ago. He remained in ICU for quite a long time. He has been diagnosed as having a traumatic brain injury. The neurosurgeon said there would be paralysis on his right side. We are a family of faith. We having been praying and believing that the Lord will  heal Nick. He has made progress, followed by set backs..and the cycle continued that way for awhile. As issues arose, trips from Huntington, WV to Lexington, KY were too familiar. We continue to praise God during the progress, as well as the set backs.
I was told the other day by a man, that Nick's situation has made several of his coworkers draw closer to the Lord!!! That he and his coworkers, pray together before work and lift up Nick's name in prayers. Do to human nature, we sometimes get frustrated and wonder "why." We know that the Lord has an amazing plan for Nick and this situation. We praise the name of God, for the  miracles and we are thankful.
Although our hearts are torn, we will praise you in this storm

Nick's family lives 2 hours from the rehab facility where Nick is staying. The family will be going to and from there frequently. We know that his family needs to be there to encourage him. Therefore, I am asking you to join me in giving a donation to assist his family with gas, food, and lodging if needed. God Bless


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